magna est veritas et praevalet
“Great is the truth and it prevails.”
– Horace Mann school motto

Welcome to Parents of Horace Mann. Here you will find out the truth about the transformation of a once-great elite NYC private school after its administrators began taking direction from a group of illiberal BLM-ideology-inspired activists.

On June 7, 2022 Ryan Finlay, a senior at Horace Mann, published an essay entitled “Fear, Risk, and the State of Political Expression at HM” about the school in the student newspaper. In his essay, Finlay provides examples of the school’s “progressive political agenda” which he says have “turned the school into an incubator of bias and intellectual intolerance.”

The toxicity that Mr. Finlay describes in his essay (below) began about 10 years ago when the school first attended a National Association of Independent Schools People of Color Conference but took firm root after Horace Mann administrators hastily approved, in June 2020, a “list of demands” from a student activist group called Black Students Demanding Change (BSDC) which formed in response to George Floyd’s death on May 25, 2020.

In June 2020, Horace Mann administrators agreed to make a major overhaul to the school’s policies, curriculum, and activities including:

  • Create a committee to continually assess the school’s “diversity, equity, and inclusion” work
  • Change the “faculty evaluation process, admissions programming, and development opportunities for teachers”
  • Institute race-based hiring and the prioritization of “candidates of color” in the final round of all job searches
  • Implement “anti-bias” training and an “anti-bias” response program
  • Introduce new curriculum focused on “the Black Lives Matter Movement, immigration, voter suppression, policing, indigenous rights, mass incarceration, and the intersectionality of race, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity”

As Mr. Finlay explains in his essay, Horace Mann has subverted its truth-seeking “life of the mind” mission. Kids there are now being indoctrinated rather than educated.